the team

the team

Our team is at your service on your Ténéré 700 adventure. By fully integrating you within our official Yamaha Rally-Raid team, we are delighted to share our racing passion, helping you to reach your Ténéré 700 goals.


Andrea Peterhansel and Marc Bourgeois bring their experience and passion as professional riders and managers to accompany you on this adventure.


Pol Tarrés and Alessandro Botturi are elite competitors at heart. They are there to win but will also be there to help you enjoy your experience to the max. The adventure always continues after the race!


Our coordinator takes care of the administrative procedures and registration process before races. During the rallies, she is on hand to accompany you and help make the organization of the Team more fluid.


Our chief mechanic and his team are responsible for the preparation of each bike before the rally. They also make sure that the bikes are perfectly set-up before each stage.


Our stock controller makes sure that the parts needed to maintain and repair your motorcycle are never out of stock, because even thousands of miles from our workshop, our equipment must still deliver top performance.


From transportation to bivouac set-up, our logistics manager is in charge of the smooth running of operations with the priority of safety and comfort for everyone. His experience in organizing the Team for rallies provides peace of mind for everyone.